Back From Break and Behind the Scenes

Back from Spring Break! To an exam and a quiz no less. Dafuq? Back to FS testing, posting, and working. Anyway…

These were shot by Earl of  Bubble Wrap Studios in Jacksonville, FL during our first round of shooting. Obviously he’s a talented photographer so if you need work done or a place to shoot (photographically or ballistically) give him a call. In addition to being talented hes also a great guy. No seriously, he brought us burritos (from Jacksonville’s best burrito bar no less) after we had been shooting for four hours and were running into our fifth (and overtime) hour. Pizza Hut wouldn’t deliver so he did. Boom. It was also a lot of fun hanging out and cross-pollinating with the photography and entertainment culture/industry. Love you Earl #nohomo #orisit? #no,itsnot

P.S.  We’ve had three separate shooting days so far with a fourth coming up soon (there’ll be a post on that tomorrow-ish).


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