This blog exists to collect my major thoughts on the paintball world. It focuses mainly on the science of shaped ammo, on the analysis and critique of paintball culture and cultural trends, and to discuss the ethics surrounding paintball as a sport, culture, and industry. Specifically, it acts a conveniently centralized collection of my major forum posts. All changes and updates that evolve from those discussion will be mirrored here and as a bonus, the articles will be published here before they make their way into the forum communities.

The team consists of myself and my brother. We’re from the Tampa Bay area but we’re currently going to school in Jacksonville. I’m a mechanical engineering major with an eye on the firearms, defense, or paintball industries. Aside from paintball I have a serious interest in Ultimate, ethics (as in the study and debate of), firearms, military theory, and sociology. It seems like a lot, I’m sure. But they’re far more interconnected than you think.

My brother is a finance and accounting major with an eye on the financial industry. Outside of paintball he’s interested in video games, sailing, his fraternity, and general college work.

In terms of financial help we’d like to thank Hustle Paintball, who provided our initial bulk order or paint at a discount, Bubble Wrap Studio who let us shoot paintballs in their artsy and respectable photography studio, the JaxHax Makerspace who let us use their awesome new warehouse area after Bubble Wrap relocated, scotallen1986 who heard about the testing and immediately contributed some 121s [update: and a closed bolt marker for use in testing], Saint_TGM who sent in an Impulse threaded Hammerhead fin for the extensive trouble shooting we had to do, and (finally) all the people who bought stuff from my funding sale, it really helped take the bite out of the cost of these tests.

In terms of the shoulders of giants, we’d like to thank Punkworks, uv_halo, ZDSPB/ydna, Trinity (of tangodown fame), Bryan Litz, and all the net’s niche ballistics communities. Paintball, and the FS community especially, owe you a debt of gratitude.

Remember: if you’re technically minded and you see some aspect of the data or argument that can be improved, feel free to drop me a comment or hit me up on my contact page. Self-initiated and community driven edits are expected to be ongoing.

A quick note about the Test Background category. This category is for the shenanigans and thought processes that go into developing, executing, and analyising our tests. It’ll be even less formal than my regular writing.

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