When comparing accuracy, I prefer to use just the X-component deviation. Vector is one of those numbers that’s great for the internet age. Short, sweet, and easily grasped. For the average TL;DR guy it’s a great number to have, Punkworks knocked it out of the park here. So why don’t I use it? Half because […]

Mathematical and Practical Roadblocks Oh My! We’ve completed not one but two rounds of accuracy testing and we’ve hit a bit of an obstacle. Initially, I wanted to have the data out in a “one or two week” timeline from the posting date but, for reasons we’ll get into below, I’m not comfortable releasing it […]

Back from Spring Break! To an exam and a quiz no less. Dafuq? Back to FS testing, posting, and working. Anyway… These were shot by Earl of  Bubble Wrap Studios in Jacksonville, FL during our first round of shooting. Obviously he’s a talented photographer so if you need work done or a place to shoot […]

A semi-formal data driven analysis of paintball’s leading shaped projectile. Now with 121s!!! Courtesy of scotallen1986. Contents Intro and Manufacturing Consistency Action Type and Accuracy Intro Shaped ammo represents the next step in paintball evolution. Will it supplant classical spherical ammunition? Certainly not in the near future. But it is the only advancement to inarguably […]